Catherine Morton


                  Catherine has 30 years’ experience teaching in and running her own riding school. Catherine has had her students qualify and compete in the Ontario Provincial 4-H club Championships on her schoolmaster, Plantagenet Allegiance. On top of holding a teaching degree, she is a certified instructor with Equine Canada and has taught students of all ages and abilities, with a deep understanding of both equine and human learning. Catherine has thorough experience training young, and/or troubled horses, and consistently trains event and dressage horses while simultaneously maintaining a quality instructional facility, and carries out the day-to-day management of the barn.

Inquire about lessons with Catherine, by texting or calling TESS, or by reaching out to her via email.



Barbara Harwood

                  With 50 years’ equine management experience and a prior education in health care, Barbara manages the majority of the financial components at the barn. She is always working hard, completing barn maintenance, feeding, watering, grooming, purchasing supplies, working key jobs during our in-house shows and clinics, as well as being involved with teaching safety in and around the stable. She is very dedicated to her job, and her passion for horse care and education is evident in the excellent care that every horse at TESS receives. Barbara is also always around the barn to answer your questions, should you have any.





Group Lessons: Group lessons are one hour long.  Lesson prices include 4 lessons per month. Lesson fee must be paid at the beginning of every month. Late fees apply.

Beginner Introductory Lessons: First-time Students get one-on-one lessons with Catherine in order to gain familiarity with the fundamentals of grooming, tacking, riding, and basic foundational skills. Students will graduate to Group or Private lessons at her discretion.

Part-Board: Advanced riders have the opportunity to part board one of our available school horses. Monthly fee includes 2 weekly practice rides and 1 weekly group lesson, as well as having your part-boarded horse reserved for you on the show team, during in-house clinics, and camps.

Private Lessons: Private lessons for novice, intermediate and advanced students are available for those who wish to learn with more exclusive time with their instructor. Private lessons can be a half-hour or one hour long. First-time Students ride One-on-One in a private lesson with one of our instructors, in order to begin learning the fundamentals of grooming, tacking, riding, and basic foundational skills. Students will graduate to Group or private lessons at the discretion of the Coach. 

Show Team: Monthly fee includes one practice ride and one lesson per week during the non-showing weekend. Additional 30-min private lesson to practice dressage included during show weeks.

***We group students According to skill level and age, therefore lesson times and days vary.

For more information on our lesson program please text us at (416) 707-4001 or e-mail us at catherineamorton@gmail.com.

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(Barn NameShow or Registered Name”)



RobinSavoir Faire


                  Robin is a 15.2hh 2009 Registered Quarter horse. He was started under saddle as a Western Reiner, but soon came to appreciate the challenges of English Style Riding. As with all quarter horses, he has a smooth, steady pace and jumps enthusiastically. With his students, Robin is patient- and more “whoa than go”, making him suitable for all levels.



                  After a very short time racing, Dream came to us to be re-schooled for a new career. His smooth, flowing paces and sensible attitude under saddle make him an ideal school horse. He takes care of his beginners and has buttons and scope to spare for the more advanced riders. Suitable for all levels.

Velvet Boadicea


                  Velvet is a brown Andalusian x mare and more than just good looks! She can be described as a tomboy – athletic, responsive, has lots of work ethic, and is always ready to go. Her flashy movement for dressage, bravery during cross country, and ability to turn on a dime is what makes Velvet an awesome horse for Eventing and schooling all 3 disciplines.

CromwellReg.: Leopard Strike


                  Cromwell is a 17 hh Chestnut thoroughbred. He lives up to his Storm Cat lineage by possessing the characteristics of his predecessor – competitive spirit, beauty and talent. He is a triple threat, being talented in all 3 phases, powerful dressage movement, bravery through cross country, and speed through stadium. Schooling, he is lots of fun! He will take you to the jumps, and has tons of scope. Due to his height and athletic abilities, he is only suitable for Advanced/Intermediate riders.

Indy Mountbatten


                  Indy is a part-time school horse bringing his 4th Level Dressage Training to the more advanced riders. He enjoys giving them the experience of the higher level movements. However he also would like you to know that he is an accomplished jumper. Look for him with Ally on youtube in Kellogg’s Fibre Plus Cereal commercial.

Paya Proserpine(For Sale)


                  Paya is a 2009 Registered Bay Westphalian Mare. A gentle giant with a Golden Retriever personality. Her paces have a gorgeous a cadence, and suspension – while remaining remarkably comfortable. Ridden and shown by the more advanced riders who appreciate her refined training and paces on the flat. With a love of food, grooming, being fussed over and children, she has settled into her role happily and wholeheartedly.

JewelPlantagenet Jewel


                  Jewel is a Welsh/Miniature x pony mare. Our smallest school horse member, Jewel is probably the most versatile, being accomplished in Dressage, Hunter, Cross Country and Driving. Purchased untrained and with only one eye, Jewel is everyone’s sweetheart and our pride and joy.

Vickie “Saxe-Coburg”


  Vickie is a bay mare, who came to use from a trail riding home. She has shown talent and is appreciated by all her students, due to her sensitivity, responsiveness and kind nature. She is thoroughly enjoying her new career and has already been division champion at Blue Star during her first Trilogy show.



                  Sully is not a horse, but she is part of the family! A guardian/companion goat, Sully’s job is to keep some of the individual turn-out horses company. Her many interests include supporting OTTBs, getting head scratches from students, and stealing carrots from the treat bin ! Don’t forget to say hi to Sully during your next visit! (watch your carrots!)




To book lessons please call/text: 416 707 4001



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